Lighting Fixture Solution For Commercial Cannabis Greenhouse

Are you spending too much on energy costs?   We’ve covered how greenhouse design can save you on lighting costs, and the pros and cons of HPS and LED lights in the previous post. We’ll discuss how you can increase lighting efficiencies in your commercial cannabis greenhouse with an optimized lighting solution. How about we audit some lighting terms before we get into the models. Light, at its most essential unit, is portrayed in moles. Moles permit us to depict light as limited amounts [...]

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How Light Deprivation Technique Affect Cannabis

Light deprivation is a modern method for growing cannabis which speeds up growing processes and creates an ideal environment. Continue to read the pros and cons of light deprivation greenhouses. Light deprivation mainly controls how much light that cannabis receives and it allows growers to manipulate the plants to have a faster flowering stage. The greenhouse itself provides suitable humidity, temperature, pest control, and other environment-ish advantages to the plants. The benefit is obvious: better quality and more production. Let’s [...]

Light Deprivation: Future of Cannabis Cultivation

As more and more countries are in the process of legalizing cannabis, this specific industry is getting more competitive; the growers are switching or retrofitting their growing equipment to a more efficient solution. Light Deprivation Greenhouse is the way to go if you are into better quality, year-round production, energy-saving and more. HUIFA Light Dep Greenhouse truly enables growers’ freedom and flexibility. The fully automated control system allows you to define how you want the greenhouse to operate by input parameters [...]

Single Span Light Deprivation Greenhouse Project in Lesotho

Our Lesotho client, Michael is an experienced grower who owns multiple greenhouses on different sites to grow cash crops like tomato, cucumber, and other greens. He wanted to take a step further and try to grow plants with more value, cannabis. 2 sets of Single-Span Light Deprivation Greenhouse were ordered by Michael after his visit to our factory in China. He shared some thoughts and photos of the first one he built with us. Installation only took him around one week with a handful [...]

U.S. Cannabis Greenhouse Client Factory&Office Tour

On Nov 22, 2019, HUIFA light deprivation greenhouse customer came all the way from the U.S. to China to visit our factory and office. “Best quality. Improved yields. Make you better than you probably are.” – Kyle The clients took a whole day at our factory viewing all types of products in different categories. They showed great interest in the fully automated system and the inner blackout system and the technology we implement to the facilities. After confirming the sizes and [...]

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Commercial Cannabis Grower Must-Read

Cannabis is considered to be tough plant since it can be planted almost anywhere around the world with proper environmental setups. Yet, it often stresses the new growers out when common issues happen that cause decreased yield or even result in dead crops. Should you not start your cannabis business because of all the common problems? Definitely NOT. Although, there are many problems that may cause the plant producing less. But, it all can be taken care of if you are [...]