Construction on Colorado light-dep greenhouse project

Construction on Colorado light-dep greenhouse project

Years ago, we received a request from a Colorado client, and our designers and engineers visited the site and responded promptly to our client’s needs, providing them with a range of customized solutions.

According to Colorado’s climatic conditions, temperature, light, rain, wind and snow intensity, our designers then configure the greenhouse with customized greenhouses, and configure the matching system to obtain the maximum output with limited land and bring customers Maximize the benefits.

The picture shows the light-dep greenhouse customized for customers in Colorado

The day before yesterday, we received feedback from customers in Colorado that the crops have begun to thrive, and expressed that we will strengthen follow-up cooperation.

Pictured is a Colorado customer’s cannabis greenhouse

HuiFa Group has been committed to integrity first, efficiency first, customer first, service first, to maximize the benefits of every inch of land. Looking forward to your letter.

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