Custom Automated Light Deprivation System

light deprivation greenhouse night view

Custom Automated Light Deprivation System

HUIFA light deprivation greenhouse is not a stand-alone product. Instead, it was specifically engineered to promote a perfect growing environment for cannabis cultivation. Our single-span and multi-span models are designed for easy installation and automated operation with every functionality that you could optimize for your business.

Our fully automated system utilizes a 3-layer breathable blackout fabric to create a completely dark environment for the plants. Our factory uses only top-grade materials such as hot galvanized square steel tubing for ultra stability and smooth operation. We ensure that our light deprivation system creates a full blackout environment with precisely crafted structures; Making our automated cannabis greenhouse the best investment for your business.

Our engineer team has adapted new and advanced technology and applied them to our products. We received so much feedback through years and years from our customers and turned the valuable feedback into adjustment and upgrades for our light deprivation systems.

For existing structures, we can retrofit your nursery with a Light Dep Kit that will permit you to control light and murkiness on order. Each pack requires a power outage canvas that will move all over inside or outside your current edge and covering. Equipment will be incorporated for establishment and activity. Our business staff will assist you in deciding the correct retrofit for your structure and your spending plan.

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