U.S. Cannabis Greenhouse Client Factory&Office Tour

U.S. Cannabis Greenhouse Client Factory&Office Tour

On Nov 22, 2019, HUIFA light deprivation greenhouse customer came all the way from the U.S. to China to visit our factory and office.

“Best quality. Improved yields. Make you better than you probably are.” – Kyle

The clients took a whole day at our factory viewing all types of products in different categories. They showed great interest in the fully automated system and the inner blackout system and the technology we implement to the facilities. After confirming the sizes and quality of the desired products, single-span light deprivation greenhouses, they placed an order for 2 sets.

HUIFA greenhouse engineer demonstrated some of the functionalities at our demo cannabis greenhouse;

Including an automated control system that uses a motor to close up the inner blackout system.

“That went really smooth.” – Daniel

Here comes the secret! We always prepare some surprises when our clients visit us.

Our sales representative, Grace, took these two gentlemen for a 3-day trip in China.

They have been to Shaolin temple, the great wall, the forbidden city, and other amazing places.

Finally, the clients also wanted to say hi to all of our employees at the office and share their thoughts on the products and the trip.


Are you looking for cannabis growing products? Welcome to visit our factory.

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