HUIFA’s Automated Cannabis Greenhouse

fully automated light deprivation greenhouse

HUIFA’s Automated Cannabis Greenhouse

cannabis greenhouse

This article is going to walk you through HUIFA light deprivation greenhouse systems including standard & exclusive features and why you should use it.

Firstly, let’s define light deprivation and why is it so popular for cannabis growers.

Cannabis is known as one of the most sensitive plants. Light and environment control is crucial for the growth and quality of the plants. Light deprivation is a growing technique for cannabis cultivation. It mimics seasonal changes by controlling the amount of light the plants receive in order to trick the plant to its flowering stage.

As a result, grower are able to harvest better quality cannabis multiple times year round.

Fully Automated

HUIFA’s light dep greenhouses are equipped with fully automated system. Using smart systems to precisely manage the growing environment for the plants. It mainly consists 3 parts including solar integrated weather station, solar indoor sensing system, and intelligent control system. Sensors are in the position of gathering data. Intelligent control system reacts rapidly based on the data sent from the sensor and predefined parameters by the users.

If parameters are set in the system, growers no longer need to be on site for the entire operation. In addtion, we highly recommand our users to download and use the control panel application on smart phone, it enables remote control to the greenhouse. Modifying parameters and making changes in just few taps.

100% Light Shading

The darkout tarps in the light dep system consists of 3 layers: The outter layer is made up of aluminum which is handling the job of reflecting light out from the greenhouse. The other 2 layers are for covering the greenhouse and prevent any light leaks.

Moreover, we use light deprivation hood for exhaust cooling fans. Making sure there’s no any unwanted light in the dark period.

Simple Installation

All of our product parts are labelled clearly so that our clients can easily identify them during installation process. Detailed installation manuals and videos are included; and there’s 24/7 customer support to ensure your worry-free building experience. We also offers free on-site installation services.

We understand installing a greenhouse can be complicated and sometimes frastrating. Our greenhouse use less screws and joint parts to promote a stronger and easy to install structure.

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