HuiFa Group redefines cannabis greenhouse with new technology

HuiFa Group redefines cannabis greenhouse with new technology

HuiFa Group‘s cannabis greenhouse has a light deprivation system inside, which is fully automated and will be sold at cost in the near future.
HuiFa Greenhouse has all the advantages of traditional light deprivation systems, but with a simplified design. This not only results in a system that is easier to install and maintain, but also an extremely cost-effective system. The cable drive system is located on the internal substructure and is therefore protected from the elements, and the blackout material rises to the peak of the structure, creating an instantaneous blackout condition.
While the lighting system will make growers drool, the greenhouse is also impressive. The structure is built with hot-dipped galvanized steel framing, galvanized coat qty: 275g/m2, service life more than 15years. Customized trussed roof systems to meet geographic-specific snow and wind loads; Components of the structures are shipped to the customer prepunched and assembly in advance, simplifying the installation process. The width is 30 feet and the length can be divided into 105 feet, 120 feet, 131 feet and 144 feet.

The HuiFa Light Deprivation Greenhouse is also available for DIY designs.

HuiFa Greenhouse Customer Planting Feedback

Upon request, these structures can be designed to withstand wind speeds of 75 mph/h, snow loads of 20lBS and live loads of 3lb/sqft, making them a great choice even in harsh climates.
HuiFa also offers optional ancillary equipment for light deprivation commercial greenhouses. HuiFa’s greenhouse experts designed and properly adjusted the equipment for each structure so the structure was not over- or under-equipped. Equipment includes pipe bracket, angle bracket, film clips, arch clamp, fan and cooling pad bracket tek-screw and so on.

HuiFa Group is committed to expanding your harvest with greenhouses. With a variety of growing structures including greenhouses, venlo structures, high tunnels, tidal beds and shade houses, every grower is sure to find the one that best suits their hobby and business growth needs. HuiFa Group greenhouse experts are just a click or a Email away to guide you through the process of upgrading your growing operational needs.

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