Greenhouse heating system is consist of 3 parts, including water boiler machine, heating fans, heating water/air pipes.

Operating Principle

Water in the boiler is heated by electricity. Then, boiled water is pumped out to the heating water pipes by water pump. Passing through the pipeline, then the heating fans blow the hot air into heating air pipe. There are special small holes on the heating air pipe, so the hot air is scattered from the small holes to heat up the whole greenhouse.

The benefit of using this method is that it can efficiently increase indoor temperature while using minimal energy.


Water boiler machine

  • Rated thermal power: 2400K calories, 1.4mW
  • Heating area: 12000m²
  • Supply/ return water temp: 95/70 Celsius
  • Thermal efficiency: 82%
  • Rated pressure: 0Mpa
  • Machine weight: 11200kg
  • Coal consumption: 308kg/h
  • Dimensions: 3400*2200*2600mm

Heating fans

  • Blades diameter: 800mm
  • Air flow: 3200m³
  • Noise: below 65
  • Power: 0.18kw
  • Voltage: 1380/3 phrases
  • Size: 800*800*450mm
  • Motor rotational speed: 1400rpm
  • Thickness: 180g zinc coating.
  • Materials: Copper pipe inside with electricity cable, control box and pipe fittings.

Heating air pipe

  • Materials: fibre cloth
  • Permeability < 9m³/m²/h

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