Hemp Warehouse

Hemp Warehouse

A completely enclosed structure that protects the plant from all external elements. The growing environment is tightly controlled, allowing most hemp varieties to flourish in almost any region.




To meet the growth needs of high-quality hemp, it has larger internal space, super thermal insulation effect, and lower energy consumption; higher automation, easier control of the growth environment; modular installation, higher income.

1. Large space, internal temperature and humidity, and light are easier to control, which is more conducive to the production of high-quality hemp;
2. The whole process of the internal system of the greenhouse is controllable, and the remote control of the mobile phone and computer can be realized, and the operation is convenient and efficient;
3. The new standard modular design makes the installation easier, and the whole is connected by high-strength bolts, which has higher strength and higher stability.


ItemsSingle spanMulti spanLengthShoulder heightTotal heightWind loadSnow loadMountVoltage
Parameter1212*N 4X4/5/66.63/7.63/


140km/h <27lbs



ph-1/3 50/60Hz






Facility Included