Features of PC Sheet Light Dep Greenhouse

Similar to our Single Span Light Dep Greenhouse, the polycarbonate sheet light dep greenhouse offers full control of light cycle(photoperiod), temperature, humidity, etc. Allowing growers to harvest multiple times year-round with the automated blackout system.

Light dep greenhouse, also as blackout greenhouse is specially designed for professional cultivation and precise management of high-value crops, especially for cannabis growing.

That’s not all.

Comparing to the film covered greenhouse, the PC sheet greenhouse stands out for the overall durability and temperature stability. It survives better in extreme weather conditions such as strong wind and snow.

The best part?

Polycarbonate(PC) Light Dep Greenhouse benefits from a more durable structure design to achieve doubled life span, 20+ years, than the standard light dep greenhouse. Saves growers a ton of maintenance and labor costs.

*Basic PC Sheet Light Deprivation Greenhouse Parameter

Length105ft, 120ft, 131ft, 144ft
All greenhouse structures and control systems can be customized according to your requirements.
Width30ft, 35ft, 40ft, 42ft, 45ft
Wind Load
Snow Load
Dead Load15KG/m²
Control System
Automatic Control System for Light Deprivation;

Cooling Fan&Pad. Top Ventilation;

Temperature/Humidity/Light Control System;

220v, 230v, 380v, ph1, ph3, 50Hz, 60Hz Available.

Optional System
Side/Top Ventilation;
Lighting System;
Cooling/Heating/Dehumidifier System;Drip/Micro Irrigation System;
Ebb&Flow Hydroponic Rolling Bench.

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Customized Greenhouse and Project Design/Consulting Services

single pc light deprivation greenhouse

We provide complete greenhouse customization services. Any personalized requirements for the size, specifications and internal facilities, we are able to offer professional engineers to design the greenhouse to meet the individual needs.

To help new and experienced growers, we also offer 1 on 1 consulting services at no cost.

Here is the deal: when a client purchased any products from us, we assign a greenhouse specialist to the client for rapid comunication and problem solving. We aim to provide rapid and quality after-purchase services.

We provide installation tutorials and overseas installation services to ensure that you can put them into use as soon as possible.

Huifa PC Sheet Light Dep Greenhouse Characteristics:

  • Light dep systems are customzied for individual greenhouse.
  • Great flexibility for staging crop cycles.
  • Prevent light contamination from neighbors, street lights, etc.
  • Reduce supplemental light reflecting out of greenhouse at night.
  • New blackout curtain offers simplicity, ease of installation, operation and control.
  • Blackout curtains are UV-Stabilized for longest lifespan.
  • Daylight control and additional energy savings.
  • Large span, truss structure with strong drainage capacity.
  • Good thermal insulation and light transmission perfermance.

*Greenhouse Frame Parameter

Main/Vice Column
100*100*3.0mm/100*50*2.0mmHot-dip galvanized steel tube, with zinc coated 275g/m²;

Anti-rust for 10~15 years, structure can be customized.greenhouse frame

Truss Supports
50*30*1.5mm pipe
Derrick and Brace
1.5*2mAluminum alloy frame

Greenhouse Covering Material:

PC SHEET89% light transmittance;

Great impact resistance;

UV protection;

Light weight;

Flame retardant;

Energy saving;

Temperature adaptability;


Extreme weather resistance;

Advantages of PC Sheet:

The transmittance of PC board is up to 89%, which is comparable to glass. UV coating prevent the board from getting yellow under the sunlight as well as fogging, poor light transmittance.
The impact resistance is 250-300 times greater than ordinary glass, 30 times than acrylic glass, 20 times than tempered glass with the same thickness.
Our polycarbonate board only weigh the half of standard greenhouse glass. It cuts the costs in terms of transportation, handling, installation.
Flame retardant. National standard GB50222-95 confirms that our PC board is a non-flammable first grade. It’s ignition point is at 580°C.
Temperature adaptability: PC board does not occur cold-brittle at -40°C; Does not get soften at 125°C.
Energy saving: cool in summer, heat in winter. PC board has lower thermal conductivity than ordinary glass and plastic. Greatly reduces energy use.

Three-layer Inner Blackout System:

blackout curtain
  • The light deprivation screen is designed for sensitive plants that need photo-period control;
  • 100% shading rate, UV guarantee 5 years;
  • The light is reflected by the aluminum foil on the surface of the shading curtain, during the light-dark period, unwanted light accumulation can be prevented.
  • Although made of 3 layers, the closed curtain can still be collapsed into a small size, to ensure that the crop in its open to get maximum light. Has a good water permeability, the bottom of the curtain will not form condensation droplets.
  • Gearmotor with control box can open and close the shading net, including the timer.

Smart Control System:

Precise environment control ensures the nutrition, humidity, temperature and light balance and adjustment of plants from seedling to harvest.

auto system

Control Panel

climate sensor

Weather Station

automated control system

Solar Integrated Weather Station:

  • Outdoor temperature sensor
  • Outdoor light sensor
  • Outdoor wireless weather station host
  • Wind speed sensor
  • Wind direction sensor
  • Solar power supply system

Solar Indoor Sensing System:

  • Indoor temperature sensor
  • Indoor humidity sensor
  • Indoor light sensor

Intelligent Control System:

  • Greenhouse keeper
  • IoT greenhouse controller

System Feature:

The router, by internet connection, enables access to the climate controller and allows making changes from anywhere on a PC, tablet or smartphone.

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More Accessory Facilities

cooling fans

Cooling Fan with Light Dep Hood

Cooling Pad with Light Dep Hood




Heating System

Our Advantages:

  • Over 10 years of R&D, factory production and export experience.
  • Free greenhouse customization and prject design and consulting services.
  • Fast and reliable international delivery.
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