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Huifa has been providing uncompromising cannabis cultivation products and services for more than a decade. We have our own R&D department, full of passionate and experienced engineers. We have worked with thousands of clients across 40 countries to build the desired cannabis cultivation projects, especially in North America, Europe and Africa.
Our mission is to satisfy every customer with reliable products at a reasonable price. To achieve that, we use local materials from trusted partners. Manufacture and assambling processes are all done in our factory.
At Huifa, our customers are assigned with greenhouse specialists. Making sure issues that clients encountered are solved immediately.
Huifa is looking forward to working with you!

SGS Verification


No worries about the programs: a professional technical team to provide customer with most suitable cannabis planting programs

Buy worry free: on-demand customization, a full set of complementary products, one-stop purchase;

No worries about communication: efficient and professional sales consultant , responding 24 hours in a timely manner

No worries about exports: more than 10 years of export, export to more than 60 countries and regions, familiar with the target market import requirements and documents

No worries about quality: raw material: comparing several suppliers to ensure the use of best quality raw material; production: processing in strict accordance with the drawing and production details; packing: humanized package, each piece of goods has a waterproof mark and with the product delivery list to ensure that the required parts are quickly found during installation; factory inspection: strict factory inspection process and personal to ensure product quality without worry

Installation and use of worry-free: complete installation manual, drawing and video with the goods; engineers 24 hours online guidance installation; engineers guide installation overseas; overseas customer guidance installation

No worries about after-sales service: customer use feedback, maintenance reminder, replacement of parts, after-sales response within 24 hours;

Planting worry-free: planting experience sharing , industry information sharing, local market development