Choose Suitable Cannabis Greenhouse

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Choose Suitable Cannabis Greenhouse

Little Intro:

Light deprivation greenhouses are used for cannabis cultivation. With a proper greenhouse, you would have the right environments to grow the best quality cannabis including temperature, humidity, lighting and more. But when it comes to a specific project with different business goals and locations, the choice of greenhouse models could be drastically different.

First thing: Budget

Setting a budget for a cannabis greenhouse project is crucial, the last thing you want to do is to run out of funds during the planting or semi-construction period. Not only should pay close attention to the cost of greenhouses and equipment, but also pay attention to cushion setup and setup costs, energy and water requirements, planting methods and culture media, nutrients, plant maintenance, harvesting and conservation, etc. In successful cannabis cultivation. If your budget is tight, it’s best to do as little as possible and expand as much as possible. Even covering a row of plants with PVC and polyester is better than exposing your plants to heavy rain and drastic temperature changes, and losing half of the crop weight due to mold or disease. It will bring you a decent method and better results. . If your budget is more flexible, an automatic light-washing greenhouse equipped with suitable equipment and automatic control can be harvested 3-5 times a year, and provides high-quality indoor flowers that all pharmacies and buyers want.

Decision Making

Every successful grower should have a plan before buying a greenhouse. Do you do your best in large buildings because you have enough dough to harvest and sell and surrender to the wind? Do you have the equipment to handle thousands of pounds of flowers and a place to dry them? Or would you prefer to scale slowly and develop high-end products that you manage or manage with a small team? Do you have to maximize the use of a small piece of land? All these factors should not only determine the style and size of the greenhouse you choose, but also the type of equipment and automation you choose.

Product Choices

There are many niches in the cannabis game; large fields for oil production, mid-range flowers for cheap medical projects, pre-rolls and dispensaries, and what has always been popular and desired: high-end indoor flowers.

Oil Processing

If you are growing cannabis for final oil production, have huge assets and legal planting permits, then depending on your climate, you may not need to cover large areas of land with high-end greenhouses (avoid areas with high natural temperatures). Heat and humidity during the growing season). Oil-leached plants need to be protected from pesticides. Of course, you can benefit more from 2-3 shifts a year, using cheap light storage devices instead of outdoor oil extraction every year. In addition, if you are manufacturing low-cost, lightweight scrubber linings, you can harvest it in early summer, which is when the price of quality products is highest in the year. However, this cannot be done anywhere, and we will delve into the weather and allowable options below.

Mid Class Flower

There is nothing wrong with planting flowers of medium quality. In fact, it has a huge market. Our countless clients at HUIFA Greenhouse have very successful businesses that sell media (such as pre-rolls) or do business with pharmacies where shoppers have limited budgets. Even if you use a basic greenhouse with good ventilation, your products will grow on outdoor flowers day and night. Just protect the flowers from rain, pesticides and wind. Depending on your climate and budget, you can grow medium-sized flowers on a large scale, once in a traditional greenhouse, or several times a year in a light scrubbing greenhouse.

Premium Quality Flower

If your customers are marijuana snobs, then they will also want that kind of high-end flowers. The beauty of a well-configured greenhouse is that you can grow flowers that are as good (or better) as indoor growers. Having the right strains, the right automation, the right climate control, the right nutrition plan, the right growers, etc. are all crucial. Growing high-end flowers is not easy and it is not cheap, but the market is always there, and even people in small houses can grow the kind of weeds that Snoop himself consumes.

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