How Light Deprivation Technique Affect Cannabis

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How Light Deprivation Technique Affect Cannabis

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Light deprivation is a modern method for growing cannabis which speeds up growing processes and creates an ideal environment. Continue to read the pros and cons of light deprivation greenhouses.

Light deprivation mainly controls how much light that cannabis receives and it allows growers to manipulate the plants to have a faster flowering stage. The greenhouse itself provides suitable humidity, temperature, pest control, and other environment-ish advantages to the plants. The benefit is obvious: better quality and more production. Let’s dive into how light deprivation really works.


For most none-greenhouse outdoor growers, plants receive an average of 13 hours light in September. In winter, it gets shortened to about 8 hours per day. Most of the outdoor cannabis crops finish the flowering stage in late October or even November.

Without an ideal growing environment, the plants may also suffer from bud rot, pest, diseases, etc.

Light deprivation, on another hand, forces marijuana to bud as early as July. This way growers can take advantage of natural sunlight and warm weather during the summer season.


“How Do I Cover All My Plants?” may be the very first question that new cannabis growers ask themselves. One thing to keep in mind is no matter what method you use, automated or manual covering, you do not want any light leak during the dark period.

No doubt, a manual blackout curtain can work perfectly fine. However, how much work it is required to cover and uncover your plants at a certain timestamp every day might just drive you crazy, especially on a large scale. Plus, a machine does not make mistakes as a human does.

The easiest way to make perfect light deprivation is to use an integrated greenhouse with automated light deprivation systems. It is not only the best performance out there but also the most cost-effective and labor-free solution. Check out HUIFA Fully Automated Light Deprivation Greenhouse.


Experienced growers often use light deprivation to max out the harvest. A light deprivation greenhouse can achieve up to 3 harvests per year without much effort. For medium to large scale growers, it is recommended to grow cannabis in separate groups so that different groups can be harvest at different times during the year. The benefit of this unique grouping is to let you have production all seasons during the year which means profit is generated more evenly. With a good light deprivation system setup, it won’t make you any extra work or troubles to handle.

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